Next-gen ATM and payment infrastructure monitoring

A specialised ATM network monitoring and management system that seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure.

  • All-in-one solution

  • Remote ATM management

  • Perform bulk actions

  • Video surveillance

  • All major ATMs are supported

A universal and modular monitoring application with a wide range of capabilities

Why is the host-based ATM monitoring limiting?
  • Not easy to integrate into a centralised monitoring system
  • Difficult for operators and administrators to follow indicators and alert messages
  • Functionality is limited to the management software installed on an ATM
  • Specific ATM operations and error indicators cannot be accessed by an ATM host system if they are not supported by the terminal software
Why the NetXMS ATM monitoring is the way to go?
  • It receives all the needed information from the agent independent of the ATM host software
  • Thus, using its own terminal add-on software, it can access every aspect of the ATM's operations
  • It is capable of receiving much more information than an ATM host system
  • NetXMS is one of the most competitive offers on the market

NetXMS is trusted by

international and local banks
payment infrastructure companies
central banks
10,000+ ATMs around the world are monitored using NetXMS system
Let’s talk in detail about how the NetXMS can help your organisation excel

Enabling your ATM network

  • Monitor ATMs from different vendors in one system
  • Ensure constant uptime and reduce fraud
  • Perform event-based video surveillance
  • Remotely execute commands, upload files and perform bulk actions

All major ATM brands are supported by NetXMS — NCR, Diebold, Wincor-Nixdorf, Hyosung, and most of the XFS-based ATMs.

Feature highlights

  • Designed for maximum performance and scalability
  • Quick deployment with minimal configuration efforts
  • Easy and simple integration with related products
  • Native support for many popular platforms and operating systems

The all-powerful NetXMS core

The NetXMS core provides comprehensive event management, performance monitoring, alerting, reporting, and graphing for all layers of IT infrastructure, from network devices to business applications.

Efficient open architecture with rich API

  • Each component can be expanded by plugins
  • A ready-to-use API library for Java
  • External scripting tool based on Python
  • The system can be expanded by us or a customer
We provide comprehensive support and professional services in regard to our monitoring products.

Electronic journal synchronisation

  • Near real-time synchronisation of electronic journals with a monitoring server
  • Access electronic journals even if an ATM is turned off or is unreachable
  • Electronic journals are organised by date for easier navigation
  • Full-text search in multiple journals from multiple ATMs is available

Reduce onsite visits and cut costs

Perform bulk actions in your ATM network from your office – download new advertisement or instruction files, make screenshots, or shutdown or reboot devices.

Remote command execution and file transfer can be invoked either manually by an operator or automatically at predefined time periods. It is also possible to set up the command execution as a trigger for specific system events.

Reporting engine based on JasperReports Library

  • Sophisticated print or web reporting
  • Flexible pixel-perfect report layout
  • Support for a wide range of output channels
  • Comprehensive charting, drill-down analysis and internationalisation
  • Unlimited report size via report virtualisation
It is possible to use another external reporting engine capable of accessing data in an SQL database.

Remote access and ATM management

  • ATM reboot
  • XFS command execution (such as card eject)
  • Terminal software startup and shutdown
  • File download and upload
  • Screenshots and screencasts
  • Remote command execution
  • Package deployment

Benefit from the system’s three-tier architecture

  1. The information is collected by monitoring agents (either NetXMS’s own agents or SNMP agents).
  2. Then it is securely delivered to the NetXMS monitoring server for processing and storage.
  3. A network administrator can configure the system and access collected data using a portable Java-based management console, web interface or mobile management console.
ATM monitoring presentation
Find out more about the system’s three-tier architecture.
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