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Our projects range from petrol pipe monitoring to ATM management and to paintball scoring system administration

Industrial infrastructure monitoring

Monitor and manage production lines, while also monitoring servers, sensors and any other devices in your network with the same NetXMS system. Control quality assurance of your machines and devices remotely, from your central office.

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All-in-one system

Control quality assurance processes by gathering and analysing real-time data from production equipment. Ensure maximum operational time for equipment, have product traceability and carry out troubleshooting remotely, while also monitoring servers, sensors or any other devices in your network.

Proactive monitoring

NetXMS allows users to predict potential upcoming failures in production lines and react preventively. Historic and fresh operational data gathered from equipment in use provides valuable data for carrying out timely maintenance and improving future models.

Remote control

The system allows you to carry out remote control use of the equipment, carry out remote troubleshooting and monitoring, manage the total cost of ownership, and employ new business models directed at extended long-term support of equipment.

Complete equipment discovery

In addition to SNMP protocol, which is standard for communication networks, NetXMS network discovery functionality uses specific industrial protocols as well, such as EtherNet/IP and MODBUS-TCP. These allow NetXMS to discover all the inventory, including not only network communication equipment but also sensors and controllers usually missed by tools based only on SNMP.

Collecting equipment info

NetXMS goes one step further and collects all essential information about equipment, such as the producer and production date, as well as performance data about each unit. As a result, industrial auditors and consultants have robust benchmark data for further work, allowing them to suggest the most effective interventions.

Perfect for industrial consultants

The specific adaptation to industrial protocol use, as well as the customisation options and wide range of functionality, makes NetXMS the perfect tool for industrial consultants, as it allows them to make sharp evidence-based recommendations that really help boost production capacity and save costs for factory owners.

OT network monitoring

Teams focused on Operational Technology (OT) – the hardware and software that manages devices, processes, and infrastructure in industrial settings – are responsible for the equipment, continuously improving production output and worker safety. With NetXMS it's easy for the OT department to pay close attention to the uptime and maintenance of machinery, as the system supports a wide variety of protocols (like CIP, as part of EtherNet/IP, Modbus and OPC UA) that are not commonly used in traditional IT networks.

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