The flexibility that enables you to monitor anything

Our projects range from petrol pipe monitoring to ATM management and to paintball scoring system administration

ATM monitoring

NetXMS is an all-in-one system for the monitoring, management and video surveillance of multi-vendor ATM networks – one solution for everything that’s important in managing ATM-specific hardware and software.

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Instant remote access

This allows users to issue all necessary commands, replace screens and media remotely, and offers instant access to electronic journal and ATM log files.

Video capture

NetXMS offers continuous, as well as event-based, video-capture modes; provides real-time video and photo capture; and allows centralised management of all recorded media.


It’s stable and secure – suitable for low-speed networks and remote areas, it uses industry-standard encryption algorithms and various user authentication methods.


It can be integrated with any host software. NetXMS is one of the most competitive products on the market, designed to increase network uptime and reduce your operational costs significantly.

Payment infrastructure monitoring


Monitor the whole of your payment infrastructure – from operating system to applications, ensure constant uptime, react to potential issues preventively, and gather and leverage data from multiple sources.


The system is data source agnostic – all data is processed in a uniform way, with multiple options for adding custom data sources, and flexible data and event processing mechanisms. A wide range of data sources are supported out of the box: own agents, SNMP, MQTT, shell scripts and data push API.


The product has a built-in scripting engine that can be used to implement custom logic without changes to the system core.

External API

NetXMS is modular with a powerful external API that allows full control over the system. Available as Java API, web service API, and Python scripts.

Solution for interrupted connections

Built for performance and good for distributed deployments, NetXMS can handle tens of thousands of devices simultaneously, while local proxies handle local traffic and store it when there is no connection to the central server.

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NetXMS is an open-source monitoring solution — download and use it for free. Pay for support, training, customisation and other additional services, if required.
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