Bringing 360° value through services

By weaving together solid support, training, various consulting and integration services, and development, we help enterprises deliver on their promises of service reliability and security.

As little or as much

While a complex solution may demand diverse expertise and time, sometimes an hour with a consultant is exactly what you need to solve a task at hand. Hire as much help as you need.

Flexible delivery

Our team of developers will meet you where your needs are. Choose between secure remote online assistance or on-site presence for comprehensive help and advice.

The right mix

Achieve maximum impact and value with NetXMS, entrusting all the additional work on integration, upgrade or support to our experts. We will advise on the right service mix.


Important answers to our clients’ complex network monitoring challenges — from professional deployment and turnkey solutions to custom template building and upgrades.


Seamless integration with your service desk, ticketing system, or any other tool you may want to use together with NetXMS monitoring.


Precise and reliable system fixes, done quickly and effectively with the solid support of our engineers.


Create new NetXMS features to fit your needs and enhance process management and efficiencies — our team of developers is at your service.


  • Roman Doerr from the MSP company C3 Group

    “We have been using NetXMS for four years, starting with the basic monitoring of network devices. NetXMS' flexibility allowed us to move our entire server, workstation and application monitoring across onto a single platform, which we integrated with our ticketing and reporting systems. Today, we are monitoring close to 5,000 devices, collecting over 300,000 data points in addition to Syslog, SNMP Trap and Windows Event Log data. The support we received from Raden Solutions has proven invaluable in building this solution.”

Benefit from our holistic view of key monitoring functions — through strategy and process design to technology enablement