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SIA "Raden Solutions" (Reg. Nr. 40103229241, Address: Antonijas iela 24 - 12A, Rīga, Latvia, E-mail: [email protected]) (hereinafter referred to as "Controller", "we") on the website (hereinafter referred to as "Site") processes the personal data of the data subject — a Site user (hereinafter referred to as "User" or "you").

We are responsible for taking care of the protection and privacy of your personal data as a User in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (the "Regulation") and other laws governing privacy and data processing.

Therefore, we have developed this Privacy Policy to provide you with the information required by the Regulation on the purpose, scope, protection and time limits of the processing of personal data.

We comply with the requirements of data protection legislation and take care that in each data processing process, only the information necessary to achieve the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy is collected. This Privacy Policy applies only to the processing of personal data on the Site. If the User accesses other websites through links, the privacy policy of the operators of those websites shall apply.


1.1. Personal data means information of a personal nature within the meaning of the Regulation: user data, access data, technical data, communications data and cookie data.

1.2. Technical Data means User Data that is automatically generated and collected from the User's device used during a visit to the Site, including but not limited to: IP address (including location), access provider, referring URL, date, time, access credentials, browser type and version, operating system, volume and state of transmitted data, location data.

1.3. Communications Data means the data provided by the User in any electronic correspondence with SIA "Raden Solutions", such as via the Site or electronic mail, including the e-mail address and the content of the message.

1.4. Cookie Data is the User's personal data collected by the cookies used on the Site.

1.5. The Site is a web-based environment designed to provide customer-related services administered by SIA "Raden Solutions" at


2.1. As a Controller, SIA "Raden Solutions" only processes the following categories of User Personal Data: user data, communications data, technical data and cookie data.

2.2. The legal basis for the processing of the User's personal data depends on the purpose and context in which SIA "Raden Solutions" gathers personal data. SIA "Raden Solutions" processes the User's personal data on the following legal basis: its legitimate interests, User consent, performance of a contractual obligation or compliance with a legal obligation.

2.3. In the case of the legal basis for processing the User's personal data being legitimate interest, SIA "Raden Solutions" processes personal data in the pursuit of its legitimate business interests in order to provide services and to provide the essential functions of the Site.

If the processing of personal data is based on the User's consent, the processing of personal data is carried out with the aim of ensuring an effective User experience by adapting the content of the Site to the User's preferences and interests.

Where the legal basis for processing personal data is the performance of contracts, SIA "Raden Solutions" processes personal data for the performance of its contractual obligations.

Where the processing of personal data is based on the performance of a legal obligation, SIA "Raden Solutions" processes certain User Data in order to comply with a legal obligation. In this case, as a result of applicable law, it is not the Controller’s decision as to which data to collect and process.


3.1. The User has the right to request information at any time as to whether and for what purposes the User's personal data has been processed by SIA "Raden Solutions". SIA "Raden Solutions" may withhold such information from the User to the extent permitted by law.

3.2. The User has the right to object to the use of the User’s personal data by SIA “Raden Solutions” for marketing purposes. The User can write denying permission by sending an email at any time to [email protected]. Normally, the User either explicitly agrees in advance that SIA "Raden Solutions" uses its personal data for advertising purposes, or SIA "Raden Solutions" provides the User with the possibility to not allow their personal data to be used for such purposes.

3.3. A User shall have the right at any time to request the rectification, erasure or restriction of their personal data or to obtain it in accordance with the principles of data portability, insofar as all the legal prerequisites for this are fulfilled, by sending a request to [email protected] or by mail: SIA "Raden Solutions", Antonijas iela 24 - 12A, Rīga, Latvia. The deletion of data is possible to the extent permitted by the laws of the Republic of Latvia.

3.4. The User has the right to lodge a complaint with the data protection supervisory authority.


SIA "Raden Solutions" shall keep personal data for as long as it is necessary for the achievement of the purposes of processing personal data. However, data processed on the basis of the User's consent shall be stored until the User withdraws their consent, unless there is another legal basis for processing the data. After the retention period has expired, the personal data shall be permanently deleted.


What are cookies?

SIA "Raden Solutions", as the Controller, confirms that it collects, processes and stores cookies and statistical information in accordance with the requirements of European Union legislation, including the Regulation.

Cookies are small text files that are automatically created and stored on your device by your browser when you visit a website. They are necessary to ensure the functioning of the website and to improve the user experience.

We do not know your identity when we use cookies.

Why do we use cookies and what are they?

We use cookies for the following purposes:

Keeping the site running

Necessary or technical cookies are used for this purpose. These cookies do not collect or store personal information about you, but only identify your device to ensure its smooth interaction with the site and its full functionality. They monitor the site for malfunctions. If you choose to disable technical cookies, the site will not function fully.

Tailoring the site and services to your needs

Analytical cookies perform this task and are not strictly necessary for the functioning of the website. They help us to understand how useful the website is and to get an idea of how you use it. This information helps us to improve and tailor the content and features of the website and to develop our services to meet your needs and habits.

For this purpose, we use Google Analytics, which records information about your device and browser.

Marketing and advertising

We use marketing, social and third-party cookies to select and tailor the information and advertising we offer you based on the content you have viewed in the past. These cookies are not required to display the content of the site.

The legal basis for the use of cookies is our legitimate interest in ensuring the functionality, availability and integrity of the website.

We confirm that we collect, process and store cookies and statistical information in accordance with the requirements of European Union law, including the General Data Protection Regulation.

How can you manage cookies?

The browser only stores cookies on your device to the extent specified in your device's browser settings.

You can control and/or delete cookies as you choose. Read more on the topic at You can delete all cookies on your device and set most browsers to disable cookies. You can also opt out of cookies in your browser menu or here:

You should check the terms of your browser to set the necessary settings. If you wish to block cookies, you will have to manually adjust your settings each time you visit the site, and some services and features may not work as they should.

You can also stop the collection of analytics data at any time by following the instructions here:

Google Analytics:

For questions about the use and management of cookies, please contact us at [email protected].


This Privacy Policy will be updated periodically to incorporate our most recent privacy practices, changes to our Internet procedures, and developments in Internet and computer security technologies.

We will post the changes here and indicate the date of the last revision. You should therefore check back here from time to time for the latest version of this Privacy Policy.

Your visit to our Site is subject to the version of the Privacy Policy that is current at the time of that visit.

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