The flexibility that enables you to monitor anything

Our projects range from petrol pipe monitoring to ATM management and to paintball scoring system administration

Enterprises and Education

Maximally modular and extensible, NetXMS is packed with all the features necessary for any organisation to empower its network.

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Solution for hybrid systems

Vast organisations often run on hybrid networks that need comprehensive visibility. NetXMS is a network monitoring and management solution that allows you to go from having several monitoring platforms to just one that starts bringing you value from Day One.

Proactive monitoring

NetXMS allows users to predict potential upcoming failures and react preventively. Historic and fresh operational data gathered from devices in use provides valuable data for carrying out timely maintenance and improving future models.

Remote control

The system allows you to perform remote control of devices on your clients' sites or on other sites: remote troubleshooting and monitoring, managing total cost of ownership and possibly even employing new business models directed at extended long-term equipment support.

Complete network discovery

With an array of protocols — in addition to SNMP protocol, which is standard for communication networks — NetXMS network discovery functionality allows the discovery of all devices. This includes not only network communication equipment but also sensors and controllers usually missed by tools based only on SNMP.

Collecting equipment info

NetXMS goes one step further and collects all essential information about equipment, such as vendor and model, as well as performance data about each unit. This means you will always have robust benchmark data at hand for further work, allowing you to suggest the most effective interventions.

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NetXMS is an open-source monitoring solution — download and use it for free. Pay for support, training, customisation and other additional services, if required.
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