The flexibility that enables you to monitor anything

Our projects range from petrol pipe monitoring to ATM management and to paintball scoring system administration

Telecoms, ISPs, MSPs

Thanks to its range of features enabling monitoring of networks scattered over large areas, NetXMS is often the solution of choice for telecommunication companies, and for internet and managed service providers around the globe.

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Elaborate zoning

NetXMS allows monitored networks to be divided into independent parts, executing communication with devices within a particular zone through a proxy. More than one proxy can be used for each zone to promote load balancing in case of communication failure with one of the proxies, which makes NetXMS exceptionally flexible and stable in its performance.

Speaking the language of business

If you are an internet provider or a telecom company, you are legally obliged to supply your service to a specific, well-defined level. The NetXMS Business Services addresses exactly that requirement, as it marries an IT angle on the infrastructure you are running with a service point of view rooted in a business approach.

Proxy functionality

Any NetXMS agent can act as a proxy for other agents and SNMP devices. This is a firewall-friendly solution when communicating with the server – all that’s needed is a single, open TCP port.

Flexible access control

Grant access to all monitored devices, only to a certain group or even to individual devices, defining specific access rights for each case: read-only access, viewing or updating alarms, and executing commands, among others.

Grafana visualisations

For additional presentation options for monitoring data, integration with Grafana – a powerful data visualisation tool – is available out of the box.

Application for your support

This is a small application that sits in a tray on the user workstation and provides basic information and tools. It allows users to quickly send an email to support or to execute local actions configured remotely by a monitoring system administrator using specific policies. Taking screenshots and screencasts, as well as sending notifications to all users or to certain user groups, is also a useful option for service providers.

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