IoT device monitoring and management: how are things with MQTT?

Among other things, the NetXMS network monitoring and management system is intended to save resources. That’s why adding the MQTT protocol (a machine-to-machine protocol most commonly used for the Internet of Things (IoT)) to the array of the protocols NetXMS works with was a natural decision.

Monitoring of IoT devices

The Internet of Things is massive — according to some predictions, by the end of 2022, the number of active connections will have grown to 14.5 billion, and by 2025 it is expected to reach 27 billion. These staggering numbers represent a wide range of devices, from smartwatches to laboratory and factory equipment.

To gather data from such IoT devices and benefit from it, you will need a system to monitor and control all your IoT assets. NetXMS is that system, seamlessly interacting with your MQTT-supported devices.

All the MQTT versions there are

MQTT is the most common protocol for the IoT — it is used for messaging and data exchange between IoT and industrial IoT (IIoT) devices, such as embedded devices, sensors and industrial PLCs, among others. NetXMS supports all basic versions of this protocol, including its latest version: MQTT 5. MQTT works in low-resource networks, which means that even if the devices used by your network are limited in power and/or bandwidth, you can safely monitor them using this protocol.

Yes to all sorts of devices

With NetXMS you can efficiently manage networks of MQTT-supported devices — for example, temperature sensors inside a building, be it a greenhouse or office complex, or just one floor in a building. You can adjust the controls however you like — to continue with the sensor example, you can pre-set your desirable temperature readings, and the system will inform you when one of the sensors registers that the air in the room has gotten too hot or too cold. You can also use NetXMS to adjust lights for maximum convenience and energy efficiency — like pre-setting the lights to dim or brighten at different times on weekdays from at weekends.

NetXMS’s options for storing and managing data also allows users to perform extensive environmental monitoring based on readings gathered from sensors on all kinds of MQTT-supported devices. You can read, store and analyse data for air, water and soil quality. Whether it is a compact network of sensors or an extensive series of networks, at NetXMS we will help you find the ideal monitoring configuration.

With NetXMS you can also control and adjust other networks of smart devices — cameras, alarms, maintenance equipment and many, many others. Through Zigbee to MQTT bridge, the monitoring system can also gather data from Zigbee devices.

Have any questions regarding MQTT, IoT device monitoring or other topics? We are always happy to help. You can easily reach us via our website or Facebook.

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