Logs and Order

Logs are files that contain a record of events that occurred in the application. They are generated by the system to help you ensure that the applications running on your servers meet their availability and performance expectations. How can NetXMS help you monitor your logs and put them to good use?

Detect Your Critical Events Fast

Time is precious, and we don’t want you to waste it looking through your logs when you need to spot an error or find some data. Instead, you can rely on our log monitoring function.


NetXMS can use regular expressions to detect certain entries in your logs, which means that it will not only look for exact keywords and phrases, but also for specific patterns. Whether it’s a particular fragment of data that you need to find, or clusters of data – everything you’re looking for will be at your in the blink of an eye.

Logs on remote devices

And if you need to check your logs on a remote device (or several devices), you can do it right from your workstation, using the NetXMS agent.

Generating events

Speaking of spotting errors, NetXMS can immediately generate an event out of a red-flagged log and notify you about it. For example, you can configure the system to send you a notification when an app on one of your servers takes too long to load. The notification will include the part of the log entry that triggered the alert, so you can know what’s happening right away and what you need to do to fix it.

Event notification

Even better, you can set up channels that will send you notifications using a regular messenger service (we work with more than 10 apps, from Slack to Telegram). So even if you are away from your workstation, your phone or tablet will notify you if the software on one of your servers decides to act out.

Automated commands

With NetXMS you can use data from your logs to automate some actions with the help of rules. To give one example, you can configure your apps to restart automatically after they've crashed or if it takes too much time for them to load. This will definitely save you and your organisation a lot of time and take away at least one cause of irritation – because who doesn’t hate reloading applications manually?

Look at the Big Picture

For a more extensive survey of your applications’ performance, NetXMS can extract data from log files and process and visualise them in the same way as any other performance metrics.

Keep Your Windows Clean

If your organisation uses Windows on its network computers, we have great news for you. NetXMS has several features specifically for working with Windows event logs, or winlogs.

For example, NetXMS agents can collect and centrally store Windows event logs. Moreover, if you need to filter the stored files by log type, source or event IDs, you can do it directly in the agent, which will save you some network traffic.

You can also create rules to detect certain events (triggers) in your Windows logs in real-time. This feature will help you spot errors in your applications early on — or even prevent them from happening in the first place.

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