Monitoring of MikroTik devices with NetXMS — naturally!

If you work with ISP systems or data network infrastructures, you are most probably familiar with MikroTik devices. It perhaps is worth mentioning that this worldwide-known company was also founded and still operates from Latvia — just like our company Raden Solutions, the developer of NetXMS. The fact that such a small European country is full of IT talent fills us with joy!

MikroTik products are well-known for their reliability, ease of use, and great value for money. Because of these qualities, many companies choose to run their networks on MikroTik equipment.

Knowing this, we are taking great care to ensure that our system is perfectly compatible with all MikroTik devices. What does that mean?

As Deep as Compatibility Goes

We support all protocols that MikroTik devices work with and ensure full SSH and SNMPv3 support. As NetXMS uses unifying drivers to obtain a full picture of a client’s network and ensure uniform support for all access points, regardless of the brand of the device, we also have such drivers for MikroTik hardware, among others.

Hardware companies are first and foremost focused on the actual performance of their devices, making sure they are quick, powerful and reliable. There is the design, the assembly, the meticulous testing and other aspects that you have to ace if you want to stay ahead of your competition. But quality devices alone are not enough to guarantee a flawlessly functioning network, and this is where NetXMS monitoring software comes in.

Whatever makes up your network

We are constantly working on new solutions to ensure better compatibility and reliability for our client networks. So, if your company uses hardware and software by other brands — there are zero reasons for you to stress. NetXMS is able to work with nearly any type of device (and if not — it’s only the question of customization). Moreover, you won’t need several monitoring solutions to monitor different types of devices — trust it all on NetXMS.

Since day one we made it our priority to build a system that would be easy to integrate with third-party products, and we are constantly working on new — quick, seamless, and efficient — solutions to broaden the extent of our customizability.

Now NetXMS agent can also run on MikroTik

Since April 2023, the NetXMS agent can also be run on MikroTik routers. By running the NetXMS agent directly on a MikroTik router, it can work as a proxy, which means that it can forward data from other devices on the network to the NetXMS server. This eliminates the need for an additional server to be installed on the network to act as a proxy.

Running the NetXMS agent on a MikroTik router provides a number of benefits. Firstly, it simplifies the installation process as there is no need to set up and configure an additional server. Secondly, it reduces the amount of hardware required, as the router can act as both a network device and a monitoring agent. This can help to reduce costs and simplify network management.

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