Powerful brand-new Business Services — what’s in the latest NetXMS release

The latest major NetXMS release has finally arrived. Not only does it bring numerous improvements to your monitoring solution but there’s also a completely reworked Business Services tool with vast new functionality.

The Business Services you knew before is no more — meet the all-new, dramatically improved version. It is a complex tool for monitoring your service’s Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance, and powerful enough to cover all monitoring needs within the broad variation in service’s quality (and, consequently, your customers’ satisfaction).

It either works or it doesn’t

You have your clients, internal or external, and your scope of services for them either work or they don’t — there is no middle ground. For example, if you are an internet provider or a telecom company, you are legally obliged to supply your service at a certain, well-defined level.

Today, the NetXMS Business Services tool will allow you to configure your monitoring system so that you instantly know whether your service is working for your customers or not.

“Translate” that to business language, please

The variation in service quality is extensive — and so are the challenges faced by Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Internet Service Providers (ISPs). How do you make a complex IT infrastructures “talk” the language of business?

Business Services answers exactly that question, as it marries the IT angle on the infrastructure you are running with the service point of view rooted in the business approach.

Be it a company’s email, website, server infrastructure or a call centre, at certain times you don’t need to know the speed of your internet, you need to know that all the components are working together well enough to provide the service.

How the NetXMS Business Services tool does it

The Business Services tool determines the status of the service you provide based on the status of monitored objects (servers, network devices, etc.) or metric thresholds. You can also determine the hierarchy among the integral parts of your service.

You can have multiple checks that describe the health of your service. Such checks can be created manually, or you can choose to populate Business Services automatically — through an instance discovery mechanism, with the help of auto bind scripts.

Vital measurable information, at a glance

Service availability charts have also become more powerful.


Now it’s possible to get a pie chart and detailed information about any problems that a business service has been facing, including start time, end time and cause.

Time ranges

Service availability metric now has predefined time ranges and a date selector for arbitrary date range.

New functionality provides more business-level information about your environment health and SLA compliance. Extensive scripting and discovery allow you to automate the creation and operation of Business Services. As a result, this tool gives you vital measurable information about your infrastructure’s performance.

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