Remote management: a NetXMS superpower

With one of the biggest feature sets of all the NMS solutions out there, NetXMS offers an excellent organic workflow, which is, in addition to other things, aimed at improving your productivity. One area where NetXMS significantly saves your organisation’s time and resources is remote management of the monitored device itself and the files stored on it.

How does it happen, and what can you do from your NetXMS system interface while sitting in your office?

Get instant remote access

No need to go anywhere or use additional applications — with just a few intuitive clicks, you can open a tree of files on any device with the NetXMS agent installed on it and look through all the available files.

For example, among other things, you can carry out the usual file management: transfer files between your workstation and remote system (both ways), rename and delete files and folders, create folders, and view file content.

Upload files

Let’s say you are running a network of fuel dispensers for a petrol company and a new video advertisement has to play at all the company’s petrol stations starting at a certain time.

One way to do this is to manually upload the video onto a subnetwork of devices shortly before it is needed – just like you used to do it. But we can offer a different solution.

With NetXMS, it only takes you several clicks to upload a file to multiple managed devices at once. Moreover, the remote command execution and file transfer can be invoked either manually by an operator or automatically at predefined time periods.

Execute bulk pre-scheduled commands

Yes, you can pre-schedule that upload. You can select a single device, a group of devices or an entire network; set when you need the file transfer to start; and be sure that your advertisement will be updated on all the fuel dispensers (or ATMs or cash registers, to give other examples) at the precise time of your choosing.

Meanwhile, you can focus on other tasks – for example, taking a much-needed day to rest!

Make screenshots and screencasts

If needed, you can also make screenshots of your monitored devices’ screens. Moreover, you can make screencasts (a video screen capture), which is essentially a movie of the changes over time that a user sees on the device’s screen.

Command execution at a trigger

What happens when somebody inserts a plug where it's not supposed to be? Or a device overheats? Because a distributed device network is often quite a complicated structure, overseeing its integrity is no easy task.

To make your network management easier, with NetXMS it is possible to set up certain command executions as triggers for specific system events.

Mark your network’s weak spots and select critical indicators, then assign the command a device needs to execute when a triggering event occurs. In this way, when you receive an alert about a problem, you will know that it’s already been dealt with.

Remote management functionality greatly reduces the need for onsite visits. Now you can perform bulk actions on your network of devices from your office: upload new advertisement or instruction files, make screenshots, and shut down or reboot devices.

So relax, water your office plants or do some stretches in your ergonomic chair; with our remote file management feature you will have better control of your network — and, what’s even more important, of your own time at work!

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